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CIPAC LIMITED is an eminent company which focus on Oil and Natural gas exploration and production along with storage and delivery. CIPAC limited was founded on 7th March 2012, with our head office located at Level 4, Suite 8A, Rosa Marina BLDG., 216, Marina Seafront PIETA MALTA, with registration number C55555.

Along with being one of the largest natural gas producers,we are one of the leaders in global chemical production. Cipac limited upstream activities and operations concerning conventional oil and natural gas are found in Europe and across the globe.

Since 2012, Cipac limited has expanded it’s diversity to stock liquidation and partnership investments. We encourage individuals to invest in our stock Market and enjoy the ability to become a lifetime partner with us. In the recent years, Cipac limited has generated about $6.08 million in sales for our partners who invested in our stock market system.

Our business includes but not limited to oil exploration and production, Storage and delivery, stock investment, Real estate and Chemical production. CIPAC limited global trade skyrocketed from 2019 till date with the help of stable cryptocurrency solely for the purpose of being fast and secured means of transactions.

CIPAC Limited have numerous initiatives and incentives which drives our clients and potential partners to choose to invest and transact with us, as we accumulate invested funds into huge funds to acquire strategic properties, produce,store and deliver gas, chemical production and other operations, thereby paying our investors off through Return on Investment (ROI).

However, Cipac limited backup/security plan is in contract with Forte Insurance and in registration with Malta Company Registry, which makes it impossible for our investors and customers to lose fund with us.

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Oil & Natural Gas

We focus on oil and natural gas exploration and production, which we have received numerous awards for our services.

Storage and Delivery

Along with the exploration and production Cipac limited will store and deliver locally and internationally.

Stock Investment

Cipac limited allow individuals to buy shares / invest with us. While we accumulate invested funds into huge funds to maximize production and deliver globally, acquire strategic assets and chemical productions, thereby paying our investors through ROI

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We've evolved innovation from an art to a predictable science.

Customer Relationships

Cipac Limited has one of the best relationships with its clients, through which we use all medium of our communication to provide solutions to all our customers issues.

Diligent management

We have top professionals in all departments in Cipac Limited which have brought effective and efficient management. Our clients satisfaction is our goal.

24/7 Live support

we have one of the fastest response system across the globe,which means we are available to listen to you every minute and every day.

Rewards & Incentives

We offer 10% referral bonus commissions to anyone who refers someone to invest with us. And we Reward more during the end of the year to people who has a great team and circle. We also reward people with 30 and above Referrals.

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